Badges? We don't need no ... uh ... actually, we do.

5/07/2006 09:08:00 pm

The Scribe Post Hall Of Fame has grown into an incredible resource in a very short time. (Take a look.) And there's a palpable excitement about it in the Pre-Cal 40S class. There has been a six day string of the most outstanding scribe posts ever written. I'm looking forward to seeing how this week unfolds.
Chris Harbeck has added students from his grade 8 classes and a few others from other teacher's classes. The impact this will have on the students will be immeasurable; inducted into the Hall Of Fame by someone they don't know. How would you feel if this happened to you?
A couple of my students have started working on creating a graphic (badge) for The Scribe Post Hall Of Fame. It would be really wonderful if kids everywhere submitted badges they had created. All the submissions will be posted to the wiki and we'll have a short voting period. The winning badge will be used to brand the Hall Of Fame and appear on every scribe post inducted with a link back to the Hall Of Fame page. The winning designer will recieve credit on the wiki. Please encourage your students to join in the competition. ;-)
There is a page on the wiki that is really for teachers. I've put together a bit of a "how to" page for teachers that would like to explore the use of scribe posts in their classes.
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  1. Anonymous8/5/06 12:37

    I'm having the same experience. It amazes me when I think of how far my students and I have come in less than one school year.

    You're quite right, students that experience this kind of pedagogy in the lower grades will have very different expectations about teaching and learning in the higher grades.

    It will be a facinating journey to watch unfold. ;-)

  2. I will just stay here in the shallow end of the discussion to tell you that I really like the look and layout of your wiki! I have been experimenting with a wiki myself that is designed for collaborating among 7th grade math teachers. I set up the wiki, on wikispaces and it looks rather plain. Is pbwiki that much fancier than wikispaces, or did you use some coding that could be used in other places?

  3. Anonymous10/5/06 15:53

    Hi Jeanne, I've also used wikispaces but never really fully explored the service. Pbwiki has the easiest "wikicode" to learn that I've come across and they keep adding features on a regular basis. They recently confirmed that they will always offer a free service level. I've found the combination of features available from their free service to work perfectly for me. Also, the fact that a password is always required to edit the wiki has, so far, kept alll spam out. Xwiki, the old wiki host I used, got so much spam I've been turned off of their service.