Wednesday, March 23, 2005

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The best way to reach me is by leaving a comment on any post on my blog or email me; I check fairly regularly.

    email: dkuropatwa {at} gmail {dot} com

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it's the same all across the netiverse ... except YouTube. ;-)


amschool2o said...
24/10/08 08:56  

Thank you for telling me about the K-12 Online Presentation by Laurie Fowler. My mistake.


dkuropatwa said...
24/10/08 19:42  

No worries. ;-)

Cheers Lidia!

David Leonhardt said...
3/12/08 15:10  

Mind if I republish the "poem" at and link back to your home page?


By the way, one of your posts was just zoomed at

dkuropatwa said...
3/12/08 15:51  

I didn't write it David. It's by Taylor Mali. I linked to his site in order to give proper attribution. Feel free to email Taylor. Contact information is on his site.

Anonymous said...
13/2/09 10:36  

Hey, I am trying to help a colleague get ideas for sixth grade usage of Web 2.0 tools. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


hoxie said...
7/4/09 16:12  

Take a moment to check out the documentary 2 Million Minutes if you have not already.
Very Interesting information.

dkuropatwa said...
7/4/09 16:33  

Thanks for the tip Hoxie.

Heather Leask Armstrong said...
17/3/10 13:41  

Great sessions at the Manitoba Mobile Technology conference yesterday Darren. I will be passing on lots of info to our teachers.
Heather Leask Armstrong

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