The Global Learners Workshops

I just stumbled upon these videos on google video. They are from a 2 day series of workshops I did last summer for the Global Learners of Adams County School District #14 in Commerce City, Colorado. I knew that Joe Miller had recorded my presentations, I've only just now discovered them. Thanks for sharing this Joe!

While some of my thinking and the assignments I give my students have evolved since then, it's still a pretty good overview of how I work with my students and how I think about designing learning experiences and assessments for them. Each video is about an hour long.

Part 1 of 5: Tear Down The Walls (Day 1, August 9, 2007)

Part 2 of 5: Learning The Guitar (Day 1, August 9, 2007)

Part 3 of 5: Whiplash! (Day 1, August 9, 2007)

Part 4 of 5: What Can I Do Now That I Couldn't Do Before? (Day 2, August 10, 2007)

Part 5 of 5: Developing Expert Voices (Day 2, August 10, 2007)