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1/21/2006 08:20:00 pm

Two things happened last week. was launched (I blogged about it here.) and I received an email from a teacher in the United States. The teacher shared with me how her school was starting to use blogs as educational tools. As this news spread to the community some parents expressed grave concerns about their children's safety online and she asked me for help and pointers to resources. It occurred to me, as I was chatting with some of the other volunteers at, that this information would be good to share with the larger blogging community. Chances are if you haven't had to access these resources yet, you or someone you know will in the near future.

Here is what I shared. I will update this post as time goes by.

Posts Teachers Use on Their Classroom Blogs
Student's Made This! (Darren Kuropatwa's class policy)
Safe Blogging (Mrs. Simpson's class blogging policy)
Etiquette (Mr. Malandrakis' class blogging policy)
Another Take on Blogging Rules (Ben Wilkoff's blogging policies worked out with his students.)
Tuesday Night Reflections (Ryan Maksymchuk's reflective class blogging guidelines.)

Posts from A Difference
The Fear of Transparency
The Fear of Losing Control
Distrust Breeds Fear
The Conversation

From Bud Hunt's Blogging Wiki
Main Page
Blogging Parent Letters
Sample Blog Acceptable Use Policy
Student Created Blog Policies

From the Free Expression Policy Project (NYU School of Law)
The NRC's May 2, 2002 Report, Youth, Pornography, and the Internet, Agrees with FEPP on Three Crucial Issues ("learning to swim" - thanks to D'Arcy Norman for this link)
There are many more valuable resources here that can be accessed from their home page

Inappropriate Blog Post (6 min. 38 sec.)
      An excerpt from an interview where I discuss how I orchestrate ethical blogging practices in my classes and how I dealt with a student who posted something inappropriate nonetheless.

      A grassroots organization of educational professionals devoted to the responsible use of blogs, instant messaging and other social software in schools.
      A site where teens, parents, teachers and adult bloggers can learn about the benefits of safe blogging.

Stories From the Classroom
Just two clicks ...
A student posts his phone number. It turns out to be a phoney number. The teacher turns it into a teachable moment. - The student's post, The student's follow-up post, The teacher's story

I know there are many more blog posts out there that give teachers and parents the tools to practice and talk about safe blogging. Please email me or leave a comment on this post if you know of or have written such a post and I will add it to the list. I’m particularly interested in collecting class blogging policies that teachers post to their classroom blogs or that are explicitly used in their classes. I’m also interested in collecting “stories” of how teachers have dealt with students posting inappropriate material. Keep those stories coming ...


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