Flickring Brilliant!

1/25/2006 10:48:00 pm

Alan Levine and Brian Lamb are at it again. Flickr as a presenation tool! The metaphor this time? Blogs as science fiction pulp novels. Flickring Brilliant!

(Thanks to Leigh Blackall for the link.)

I just read on Brian's blog that the release of the presentaion is a little premature. He said they're "still working on the audio" and more content. (WOW! There's going to be more content -- with audio!)

Brian asked people to wait before looking in on the presentation until it's finished. I've disabled the link to the presentation and will reactivate it when Brian and Alan are done. My appologies to them both for letting the cat out of the bag early. ;-)

I just "heard" from Brian. He says "the horse has the left the barn" so I've reactivated the link.

One of the things that most struck me about the presentation was the non-linear navigation using the flickr tag structure. This got me thinking about some math applications ... how many permutations of this presentation exist? How many different workshops can you build into a single photo set? ... a game, or math review, find your way through a flicker maze of picture puzzles using a unique tag set. Each image is a "problem" to solve in order to follow the right link and escape the maze. Something along the lines of this, but better. ;-)

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