Thursday, January 12, 2006

2006 Online Edublogger Conference


A couple of days ago Will wrote about how Thomson Peterson is organizing a Higher Ed BlogCon and suggested a Lower Ed BlogCon might also be a good idea. John Pederson volunteered to do some of the heavy lifting to get it organized and true to his word he's set up a blog and a wiki with RSS feeds.

John has suggested the month of May (so as not to conflict with the Higher Ed folks in April) for the first ever 2006 Online Edublogger Conference. This is a real grassroots movement so it's going to take a lot of volunteerism to get it off the ground and make it a real success. I think John's still setting up The blog (when last I checked the link failed) but and the wiki are up and running. Drop by, share your thoughts for the planning, find something you're comfortable doing to help get this going -- I can't wait to meet you all in May! ;-)

John has added a forum with an RSS feed. Register here first.


John Pederson said...
13/1/06 08:31  

Site back up. I got a little bit of "cold feet" last night about it being an ambitious timeline...but seeing as how help/interest is literally the second thing in my aggreator this morning, let's see where this goes!

Darren said...
13/1/06 22:07  

I think this is the start of something big John. I am consciously looking for a way to help make it happen. Put me on the volunteer list. ;-)

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