Friday, January 06, 2006

More Math Videos


I love RSS! Some of you may have noticed the RSS feed from the MERLOT mathematics database in the sidebar of this blog. Every time I look in on my own blog I find out about the latest and greatest math resources from MERLOT. You can find MERLOT RSS feeds in other subject areas here (they don't make it easy (read about it here) but it's worth the effort) and learn how to make your own feed box for your blog here. (Thanks Alan!)

I just came across COUNTDOWN; a site with lots of math instructional videos. From the main page:

This professional development web site is devoted to the demonstration and support of effective mathematics instruction. Through the use of indexed video clips and related support materials, viewers can explore specific math concepts at their own pace. Whether you´re an educator brushing up on formulas, a fifth grader figuring out equivalent fractions, a grad student completing a methods assignment or a concerned parent seeking an "electronic" math tutor for your child...this site is a rich math resource available for your repeated use. The video clips found on this site have been edited from hour-long COUNTDOWN shows originally broadcast on Channel 21, the interactive cable access television network in Chicago. Each week, the television program introduces a different math concept through direct instruction and reinforces each lesson with literature, manipulative, activities and related computer instruction. Thanks to cooperative support from SBC, Chicago GEAR UP and Loyola University Chicago, the COUNTDOWN web site has the added benefit of being free. There are no fees or subscription charges for unlimited use of the instructional videos on this web site.

I know Clarence will like this one and my niece will too. ;-)


Ewan McIntosh said...
7/1/06 05:30  

Thanks for the tip - there are some great Modern Languages resources, too.

Darren said...
7/1/06 11:39  

You bet. I stumbled across MERLOT a while back reading cogdogblog. Lots of great resources there. ;-)

Learning about learning ...

While walking ...
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