RSS Ideas For Educators

1/16/2006 11:25:00 am

Quentin D'Souza has put together a presenation called RSS Ideas For Educators. He's giving the presentation twice; at the Leading Learning 2006 Conference in February and again at the 2006 ECOO Conference (Educational Computing Organization of Ontario) in May.

He used a wiki to draft the document and has now copied the whole thing into a pdf file that you can download (RSS Ideas for Educators 1.1). It's an incredible compilation of concrette applications of RSS technology in education. I was flattered that he included some of my work in the links he mentions.

If anyone has been asking you about RSS in education this will make a great companion volume to Will's guide. Drop Quentin a line and let him know what you think.

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  1. Anonymous18/1/06 15:42


    Thanks for posting the information from Quentin D'Souza's site. Very good materials. Will endeavour to listen to your podcast discussion this week as well.

    Enjoy reading the posts on your blog each day in my Bloglines account.

  2. Anonymous18/1/06 21:55

    Thanks John!

    It sometimes feels like I'm talking to myself; glad to know someone is listening. ;-)