The Two Sides of the Story

12/12/2006 12:18:00 pm

Anne Davis has long been one of my favourite people. Actually, she was one of my first blog teachers. I continue to learn from her all the time.

This is the story of how we met. (Listen to the mp3 file. 9.1 Mb 9 min. 56 sec.) I hadn't ever really heard the details from her perspective nor had she heard them from mine. It all came out, incidentally, when I skyped in to a workshop she was giving at the GaETC conference in November.

Thanks again Anne ... for the kind words and ongoing encouragement. ;-)

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  1. Anne is truly a great lady and an inspiration. She was one of my early encouragers as well and I met her for the first time at GAETC.

    I find it interesting how such and inspirational person has had such an influence on many of us in the blogosphere. I love how she still takes time to teach an elementary class every week.

    I think she is truly an unsung hero and pioneer of the edublogosphere.

  2. I am new to the blogosphere and I am so impressed by the work that is being done in this new-to-me realm. I listened to your conversation with Anne and heard you were from Winnipeg. I was confronted by my bias that the people doing inventive educational things must live somewhere far away. I am a regular visitor to Winnipeg, as I live in Saskatoon. It is good to know that I am on a path with neighbours, some far away and some close by.