Edublog Awards Nominations

12/10/2006 01:10:00 am

This was a shocker.

I've been nominated for an Edublog Award 2006 in the category of Best Teacher Blog. The other teacher blogs in this category are simply outstanding. I'm privileged to be counted among them.

K12 Online 2006 was also nominated in the category of Most Influential Post, Resource or Presentation. Sheryl, Wes and I said to each other many times as we were planning the conference that the success of the conference is a function of the time, energy and effort contributed by the presenters and participants and many, many people like Lani-Ritter Hall and all the moderators for When Night Falls who worked behind the scenes to make it all happen. Although the nomination notification was sent to three of us, this is really a nomination for a whole lot of folks. Congratulations to everyone who helped make K12 Online such an overwhelming success. ;-)

K12 Online shares this nomination with other exceptionally high quality "Posts, Resources or Presentations." One of which is the collaboratively authoured ebook, edited by Terry Freedman, Coming of Age. I did not contribute to the first edition but I do have an article being published in the second edition coming out in January 2007.

Looking back, 2006 has been a blogging good year!

I'm grateful to everyone who nominated me in any category. My friend Ron used to always say to me: "Darr, you just never know who's looking at you." He was right. I really didn't expect any of this. Thanks.

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  1. You deserve the nomination, Darren. Your blogging shows me that there are motivated and connected teachers in Canada. You also give me hope that when (not if) we start unschooling our boys, that they will be able to plug into a great online community.

  2. I agree with Harold. A well deserved honor.

  3. Thanks Bud!. ;-)

  4. You have always inspired me. When I saw my name on the list, I couldn't believe that I was even on it, much less with people like yourself. I appreciate all that you've done to help me.

    You are a great blogger and an inspiration.

  5. Thanks Vicki!