Exemplary Mathematics Writing

12/19/2006 11:08:00 pm

This really is exemplary mathematics writing. The graphics are minimal. The effectiveness of the writing is what makes it Hall of Fame worthy.
The thing is, all my classes have decided that scribe posts need to be voted into the Hall of Fame. A minimum of 5 votes are required, 8 in the grade 11 class. And tonight, the grade 11 and the grade 12 pre-calculus classes have also outdone themselves. Take a look and see what I mean. ;-)

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  1. "the graphics is minimal". It appears that you express dislike of graphics. Why?

  2. Not at all.

    If you look through the class blogs you'll see that my students make extensive use of graphic images to illuminate the mathematics content they are writing about. If you look in the Hall of Fame you see that almost all the inductees have made extensive use of graphic images. This post doesn't and it deserves the distinction of being in the Hall of Fame.

    All this is my long winded way of saying that this particular post is Hall of Fame worthy even though it makes only minimal use of graphics.