&pi Day and The Coin Hunt!

3/15/2006 10:45:00 am

Yesterday was &pi Day! Here's how we celebrate:

Somewhere on the property of DMCI a coin will be hidden. Hidden so carefully and cleverly that it cannot be discovered by chance or simply by looking for it. On March 14, π Day, the coin's location will be revealed buried in a series of riddles and puzzles. Until it is discovered the coin's location will remain a mystery....

Regular updates are can be found on the Math Department's Coin Hunt Page.

The clues were released at 12:30 pm yesterday. As of this morning the coins have not been found. Although one teacher has solved both hunts she hasn't yet found the coin. She's out sick today and is unable to claim her prize. The grade 9's and 10's are really giving everyone a run for their money. I had been feeling a little discouraged about running this event this year. As of this time last week very few people had signed up to play. In the end, we've got over 100 students and teachers participating. There's so much excitement running through the building! It was so cool to see people tearing through the halls looking closely at the plaques, trophies, pictures and other paraphenalia on the walls of the building. One of the things we tried to do putting the hunt together was to get the school community to look at the building with new eyes. And boy, are they ever!

People are making connections about the clues that had never been intended; and they're all good, relevent connections! This hunt is working on so many levels I'm feeling very gratified with the results and the hunt is not yet done! I was so excited to come to work today to see how the additional clues posted on the walls and in the stairwells would effect the coin hunters. Some teachers and students are devoting an inordinate amount of time to the hunt. And the conversations people are having about the hunt are just fantastic!

As you can tell, I'm feeling better about the hunt now. It's a very good week to be teaching math! ;-)

When the hunt is over I'll post a summary of all the crazy things people did looking for the coins.

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