After Whiplash!

3/18/2006 04:31:00 pm

Both workshops went over really well yesterday. The morning (OLE/"Let's Make A Blog" double header) seemed to go fairly smoothly. At least that's what the feedback forms said. I had 2 hours and had planned for the last 30-45 minutes to be devoted to having the teachers (about 12 of them) build their own blogs. At the start of the morning I said the hardest thing about making a blog is deciding on it's name, so "think about what you'd like to call your blog as we go through the first part of the morning." When it came time to make a blog I asked: "Who would like to have a blog? .... [silence] .... you can always delete it afterwards if you just want to see how it's done. .... [silence] .... I wonder how well received it really was?

There were 4 people in the afternoon for Whiplash! It was a fun workshop to present. ;-) The first hour definitely gave them whiplash. The second hour was given over to learning about whatever interested them at their own pace. We had some really great conversations in an intimate, relaxed, laid back atmosphere and I think everyone got something out of it. What I'm feeling most proud of about this workshop is the modeling I did. We were learning about wikis on a wiki. We learned about RSS on a wiki with RSS feeds. We learned about podcasting while I podcasted the whole thing.

There were a few points where the audio of the some the online resouces I pointed to didn't work. I suspect that's because Audacity was running and using the computer's resources so I had to "wing it." ;-) We also couldn't do the Muddiest Point exercise I wanted to because the permissions in the lab we were working in prevented us from doing so.

You can find the audio archived on the Whiplash! wiki. You'll find it in a table at the bottom of each page. Give it a listen. You'll notice that I broke my "10 minute rule" in the podcasting section. We ended with the Wicked Wikipedia story.

As always, feedback is encouraged and welcome. Please leave your comments here on this post. Thanks.

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