The New Story

3/19/2006 10:08:00 pm

I just finished reading David Warlick's reflection on the podcast we all (Miguel, Wes, Ewan, Mark, Jeff and I) did on Thursday. This is what I took away from it:

The old story is about "the school board, county commissioners, redistricting, budget and year-round schools;" in short, everything but teaching and learning.

The New Story is about powerful teaching and extraordinary learning. Technology fits in only insofar as it enables and facilitates that kind of teaching and learning. But always the story is about the heart and soul of education -- teaching and learning, teacher and learner, and particularly those instances where they exchange roles again and again. More accurately, it's the story of the heart and soul of humanity; as we all take on the role of teacher and learner at different points in our lives. These human stories that come out of classrooms (of all sorts) are The New Story that needs to be told and has been too long left out of the ongoing discussion about "education" in modern society.

Is this The Story you were talking about Dave? If so, then I think you're right; we're all on the same page. ;-)

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  1. Anonymous20/3/06 18:24

    Hi Darren,

    The various postings on your Thursday podcast including David Warlick’s reflection have been so refreshing in these days of NCLB and the focus on standardized testing. Oh, that these conversations could be carried to each and every educator!

    I truly believe your thoughts have been most eloquent and captured the essence of our craft and hence the story. Your use of “heart and soul of humanity”, of “learning and teaching”, of “exchanging roles again and again”, of “human stories” describe the core elements of what we should be about. We unfortunately don’t hear those terms often enough. Your description rises above what I see as the bits and pieces and it’s compelled me, often just a reader lurker, to celebrate your wisdom with this comment! Thanks for powerfully stating what I’ve deeply believed and never been able to express so well. Please keep on telling your story to all who will listen!!


  2. Great Darren,
    The New story is the story we should have been telling all along. Now with all the technology we can share stories in ways never before possible. I have thoroughly enjoyed the conversations going through the fiber! My students are the new story, my 3rd and 4th graders are onto the website and designing blogs for communication purposes. It is great!
    BTW, I really enjoyed your math blogs and sent them along to my High School math teachers. Your students are awesome.

  3. I think this is akin to the evening news. The evening news is rife with controversy and political wranglings and not necessarily with the "good news" and the people behind the people.

    I felt like somewhat of an island until I became connected with other educators amidst this emerging conversational web. It is overwhelming sometimes but there are definite patterns that emerge. Thank you for your contributions!