Pod Capsules

1/28/2006 02:19:00 am

Thursday was the last day of class for my pre-cal classes. It's been a great ride! To celebrate we left ourselves "pod caspules" instead of "time capsules." ;-) The grade 10 students couldn't get enough of the microphone (10 minutes, 31 seconds). The grade 11's were a little more reserved (4 minutes, 26 seconds), although there's a really interesting comment by the last student who speaks.

Click on the links below to find the podcasts posted on the class blogs. Please leave comments to my grade 11 students on their blog, Pre-Cal 30S, and my grade 10 students on their blog, Pre-Cal 20S. Leave comments to me here.


Thanks to everyone who has been leaving comments on my class' blogs. You're having a greater impact than I can ever tell you!

To answer some of the questions you've been asking:
The recording and post-production was done using Audacity (cross platform compatible, free). I composed the music myself using Garage Band (came free with my mac). (Carole, I can't tell you how I smiled when you said you liked the music. ;-))

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  1. When I listened to the student's reflections, I felt they were sincere and useful.