The Art of Wiki Wiki Teaching

1/15/2006 10:11:00 pm

Cool Cat Teacher, in her very first post from December 2005, has given me the food for thought I've been looking for.

Here's and excerpt from her blog where she describes her first experience teaching using a wiki. It began with just her computer science class and then spilled over to other teachers and the rest of the school in just one day! Here she talks about the impact wiki wiki teaching had on the school:

I must say that I was impressed with the biology page. I also was quite pleased with their review material of the Scarlet Letter, King Lear, and their English Exam Review. They have several other projects that are really great. But my amazement came afterwards as I walked through the halls. Two girls attracted my attention with their squealing -- I asked what was up with them -- They were squealing about the English material going on the wikipage! It was going to help them on their project! They were so excited. They practically drove me crazy the rest of the day getting passes to come in and update the information for their exams and projects. Other teachers started coming to me and asking what was going on. They couldn't believe the amount of material synthesized and summarized in one class period!

My last period class heard from the others about the "do it yourself" project and then came the most astounding idea of all -- the 10th grade study hall! (Don't ask me how we got such a great domain -- I'm not sure.)

Read the whole post and follow the links. Man, my blogroll is getting awfully big. ;-)

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  1. Thanks for the post! We're still going strong on our wikispaces. We're adding podcasts now that we are using on our wikispaces.

    Wiki pages are the best graphic organizer I've ever seen. Thanks for the link!

  2. Anonymous24/1/06 23:32

    Thank you for sharing your work! It's got me thinking about wikis again. ;-)

    I look forward to following how you and your students grow your wikispace.