My Niece

1/09/2006 11:58:00 pm

Back in October 2005 I was helping my niece with her math homework. Her parents and I got to talking and decided that I would continue to "tutor" her using a blog. It's called Ellie's Math Blog. Anyway, I just installed a Visitor Map on her blog because it's starting to get some hits from the US. I thought it would be really encouraging for her to see how people from across the world pop in on her blog to see what's going on. (Who knows, she might even learn some geography at the same time. ;-) You don't have to do anything other than visit for a second or two so that the city you're visiting from gets logged. No personal information gets recorded, just the city in which your ISP server is located.

Now if you really wanted to help her learn by leaving an encouraging comment ... well ... that would be outstanding! ;-)

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