I Can't Breathe

6/08/2006 04:25:00 pm

Kids are doing great work. It's getting better by the day. Participated via skype with teachers in Anne's workshop yesterday in Georgia (what a wiki!) and Miami today in Sheryl's workshop. Both were great fun. Exams start Tuesday. Professional Development for Dept. Heads on Wednesday, Provincial Exam marker training on Thursday for Applied Math 40S and Friday for Pre-Cal 40S. Got a great email from Chris Harbeck. Lead to posts on the Applied Math and Pre-Cal blogs. Can't wait to see what the kids write. Their first blush reactions in class were inspirational. Classes creating Pod Capsules next week. Six posts in draft form waiting to be finished. Mark Ahlness wrote this:

Everybody else seems to be in countdown mode, but I'm in this desperate "I've got so much more to show them and there isn't nearly enough time" mode.

Laughed out loud. That's exactly where I'm at. So busy I can't breathe ... in ... out ... in ... out ...

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