One liners

5/30/2006 11:05:00 pm

I've really fallen behind in my blogging. Crazy busy. Here's some stuff I've wanted to blog about; condensed into a series of one liners ...

  • »Gliffy, have students collaboratively construct a mind map of a unit of study just before the test. Good review and permanent, updateable study tool for exams. (via Cheryl Oakes and David Warlick)

  • »Gabbly. Our chatbox service provider has gone offline. This might be the replacement, but does it allow for moderation of posts? (via Miguel Guhlin)

  • »I've been cited in three recent publications: Terry Freedman's Coming of Age in an article by Alan November; the Working Toward Excellence Journal Spring 2006 issue, published by the Alabama Best Practices Center -- Educating the Digital Generation (this evolved out of my ongoing collaboration with Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach); ISTE's Learning & Leading with Technology, May 2006 issue in an article by Frances Jacobson Harris. Cool.

  • »I wish I could be here and there.

  • »Terry Freedman is doing a series of info-posts about how to use Flickr Toys in an educational setting.

  • »My class' wiki solution manual projects are winding down. My department's new planning wiki is winding up. (Sorry, that one is private ... for now. ;-)) One of my AP Calculus students has left the country. She's completing her take-home exam online using a wiki she created.

  • »We had our first BPRIME workshop using the new format. Feedback so far has been very positive. The next (and last one for this year) is on June 26.

  • »Matt Ready is the founder of Vaestro (rhymes with Maestro). "Education" is the fastest growing and largest category of audio channels. Matt has a vision for how it can be used in education. I've got a blog post reply still in draft form. The days are too short.

OK, so they're not "one liners" they're "a few liners." One line just isn't long enough. ;-)

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