Friday, June 16, 2006

Podcapsules for June 2006


On Tuesday my Pre-Cal 40S and Applied Math 40S classes recorded podcasts; we call them podcapsules. The idea behind a podcapsule is that students reflect on their learning experiences of the last semester and record advice for themselves to improve their learning in their future studies. Just as they begin the next phase of their education they can come back and listen to the advice they left for themselves. Of course there may be a lesson or two in there for anyone else who drops by to listen.

Click over to the Pre-Cal Podcapsule and the Applied Math Podcapsule. Give them a listen and leave the students a comment if you're so inclined -- and I really hope you're so inclined. ;-)

I've also started a new thread on my Vaestro channel specifically for the podcapsules. I'm hoping that the podcapsules take on a life of their own and continue to grow as people continue to add audio comments over time. This is the first time I'm using Vaestro on my class blogs. I'm curious to see how the students and people who drop by make use of it. I've not linked to that particular discussion here. You've got to head over the the podcapsule posts to hear it. ;-)


Miguel said...
16/6/06 10:11  

Darren, this is a wonderful idea! I'm going to implement it for our Digital Storytelling Academies we're having this summer with special education teachers. I sure wish I'd read this early yesterday when I could have captured a few "podcapsules" about the session.

Are there any general guiding questions that are used to help the person recording? I haven't had a chance to listen to the student ones posted yet...

Thanks again,
Miguel Guhlin

Molly said...
22/6/06 08:56  

This sounds like such a fantastic and rewarding activity to do with students. Particularly in regards to the advice for future students. It helps the students summarize what they've learned, but also gives your future students expectations for your class. Definitely better than reading a course description written by the school!

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