Sunday, June 11, 2006

I Got It!


My wife got me a 4 Gig iPod nano for my birthday! I can listen to music, access iCal calendars, all my contacts, listen to music, keep notes, play games, tranfer files by using it as a portable hard drive, listen to podcasts on the bus, show off pictures of my family and listen to LOUD music. :-) A couple of improvement (predictions for future development?) suggestions:

  • » Bluetooth (wireless) earbuds.
  • » Infrared file sharing between iPods. (I know, it's a copyright thing. Hopefully that's a hurdle we'll eventually overcome ... when more people come to believe "The more you give, the more you get.")
  • » Move and delete files directly on the iPod without having to connect to my computer or iTunes.

This was the best birthday gift ever! I love my wife; for much more than just the nano. ;-)

BTW, does anyone know how to use an iPod to record audio?


Anonymous said...
16/6/06 06:25  

You need to buy a microphone that attaches to the top... mine was $50 for my full sized ipod. Not sure they make them for the nano, I'd call your local Apple store.

Jason said...
6/7/06 10:18  

Congrats on the nano...mind has been the best purchase I have ever made. :) On the wireless ear may want to look into wireless headphones. I have some made by logitech and I am very happy with them...

Darren said...
6/7/06 10:27  

Thanks guys. I'll look for the microphone and as for the headphones, that might work. I hope they develop the technology to make just ear buds though. ;-)

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