The Desire to be Emperor

5/02/2006 12:33:00 pm

There's an interesting dynamic evolving in the Pre-Cal 40S class.

Over the weekend Michael wrote a scribe post that was head and shoulders beyond any that has come before. I clicked on the comments link but couldn't find the words. I figured I would highlight it in class. When I did I went a little overboard and titled Michael the Emperor of The Scribe Post.

Every time Michael has scribed, Janet has followed him. He has had difficult lessons to scribe; serendipitously she has easy ones. The "joke" was that I should plan the next class to give her something to "really sink her teeth into." But that's just not where we were in the course. The thing is, Janet wants to be Emperor of The Scribe Post, she wrote a post that I think is good enough, given what we did in class yesterday, to be Emperess of The Scribe Post. Michael had a weekend, Janet wrote her scribe over night. Michael had a class rich in content to work with. The class Janet scribed was a skill building class; no new content. Don't get me wrong; Michael's scribe was outstanding ... and so is Janet's.

Jefferson will be scribe today and he's disappointed. We have one class together this afternoon and the classes are shortened because we have a staff meeting. Jefferson has already started asking questions about what he will write for his scribe because he wants to be The New Emperor of The Scribe Post. (I'll link to his scribe when it's written.)

Follow the links above to see what I mean. And if you can spare a minute or two, please leave them comments on what you think of their work. That will really energize them and maybe even give the future scribes a little push too as they seek your recognition by doing more outstanding work. Call it a random act of kindness ... for which I'll be very grateful. ;-)

Jefferson has posted his scribe. Ladies and gentlemen, the New Emperor .... ;-)

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