Student Voices Episode 2: Tim_MATH_y

4/27/2008 06:59:00 pm

In this episode Timothy, a grade 12 AP Calculus student, comes back to high school on a Friday afternoon to talk about his week attending the miniUniversity program at the University of Winnipeg. He talks about the differences he finds between teaching and learning at high school and university and describes learning in the university classroom using a thought provoking metaphor, listen for it. Also, we have a cameo appearance by two very special people at the very end.

Please feel free to leave Tim_MATH_y your comments here or on this post on her class blog. You can find the archive of his most recent online work in his class blog.

(Download File 7.2Mb, 15 min. 3 sec.)

Photo Credit: Shadow singer by flickr user EugeniusD80

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  1. Wow...the face of teaching students, particularly in this generation, is changing so much. Students must be taught so they are engaged and technology seems to be the way to do this. I am a writer with and we are building out an education initiative designed to integrate technology for all learning styles. You have a great blog. Keep it up.
    Jen at