The K12 Online 3 Things Meme

10/01/2007 10:38:00 pm

Help us spread the word about the upcoming K12Online Conference 2007. Please share either three (3) reasons to participate based on your experience from last year or (if you didn't attend last year) three (3) things you hope to gain from the experience this year.

If you are new to memes--when you are tagged-- simply create a blog post where you link to the flickr photo below:

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Write your 3 reasons and tag several others who will do the same thing. After you tag someone in your post, please email them to let them know so they can help spread the word.

My Three Reasons

(1) It's Free!

(2) It's "just in time". Learn what you want when you want from some of the brightest lights in 21st century learning from across the globe.

(3) Camaraderie. Connect with like minded educators from across the world. Open your eyes to new ways of teaching and learning and make friends with some of the nicest people anywhere from everywhere. The personal learning networks and friendships you form will last a life time.

Tag: You're It! (you're not really "it", it's your turn ;-) ...)

Ewan McIntosh
Alan November
George Seimens
Terry Freedman
James Farmer
Leigh Blackall

... and anyone else who would like to help us spread the word ... you're it too.

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