8/24/2007 11:14:00 pm

This is another test. Last year several of my students asked how they could embed flickr slideshows in their blog posts. This was dead simple and visually attractive. The photos are from my flickr account tagged summer07. They were taken in Squamish, Whistler, Mt. Hood, Seattle and Banff.

Click on the picture to advance the images or select one from the thumbnails below.

If you like this tool check out Pictobrowser.

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  1. Anonymous26/8/07 12:00


    Thanks for the info. Do you have any idea how to use this on edublogs? They do not allow some embeds, and I think this might be one that is not allowed.

    Thanks again

  2. Anonymous26/8/07 12:22

    Hi Dave,

    I'd suggest you try to embed it on your blog first and if it doesn't work bring it to the attention of James Farmer, the creator of edublogs. He's very responsive to the needs of educators.


  3. This is excellent stuff. You should post a link to StudentUP.com ! Thanks for sharing. Cheers!