The Global Learners ... teaser

8/22/2007 10:58:00 pm

I've been back from Denver for almost two weeks just haven't found time to blog about it all yet. It was a great experience ... but more about that later.

I had lunch with Chris Harbeck today. We talked about lots of things. He says I think too much before I write. That's why I write so little. He's probably right. Anyway, we also talked about a new site called Animoto. I'm just playing with this and decided to slap together a teaser of some of the content generated at the workshops I gave before posting it here.

Over at Animoto you select at least 10 pictures (jpg images), follow the dead simple instructions on screen to select CC music from a large list and Wham! Instant music video. Don't even need to add water.

More stuff from Denver coming soon.

Thanks for the push Chris! ;-)

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  1. So cool! Thanks for all you did for us in Denver! I really feel like the momentum ramped up so fast because of your visit.

  2. Anonymous23/8/07 00:33

    Thanks Joe! I get a lot out of presentations where folks push back a bit too. You've got a really wonderful group there and, as I told you too, I think they're really lucky to have you at the helm.

  3. Anonymous29/8/07 18:00

    You might want to also try a new service called Fliptrack that' similar. I think it's easier for students to use, though Animoto says they will be making changes next month that will make it even more accessible:

  4. Thank you for all you did for us in Denver! I have been able to collaborate with Kathy Cassidy quite a bit already - and we still have big plans! Last night I posted my first student slideshow on my blog using - I skipped the music however because of a few choice words, so other may want to be aware!

  5. Anonymous2/9/07 17:37

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share this tool. I needed to find a quick way to produce videos, and Animoto works great.

    Keep up the enthusiasm and great work.

  6. Yet another useful tool. Thanks. I am a new reader of your blog, but since finding it a few weeks ago, I am already incorporating blogging in my English class here in Greenland. Thanks again.

  7. Anonymous23/9/07 22:13

    This comment come very long after those you folks have left me. Thanks for the feedback. I'm just starting to climb back into the blogosphere as we approach the start of K12 Online 2007. ;-)