Teaching Numeracy

11/22/2006 10:42:00 pm

In two weeks I'm doing a workshop about teaching mathematical literacy across the curriculum. It's an interesting topic: How do you teach mathematical literacy to non-math teachers in a way that they can immediately apply in their daily pedagogy?

If you've got any ideas or suggestions to share I'd love to hear about it; particularly if you don't teach math. (Although math teachers' ideas would be very welcome too.) What sort of information, ideas or skills would help you help your students improve their numeracy? I've built a numeracy wiki where you can drop in and share your ideas. I plan to record the session and publish it as a podcast when I'm done. That same wiki will also serve as the presentation space on December 8.

Kathy Cassidy (grade 1 teacher from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan) has been honoured by the Province of Saskatchewan with an award for using computers in education. More recently she was in Philadelphia as one of five teachers honoured with a Microsoft Innovative Teacher Award. Thanks to Dean for sharing the good news. ;-)

Two links I'm definitely going to share in my talk are Kathy's brilliant assessment practices (listen to the podcast) and pedagogy for teaching number sense. Way to go Kathy!

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