A New Standard for the Hall Of Fame

10/08/2006 09:02:00 am

Over the last week I've been talking to my classes about The Scribe Post Hall Of Fame and what it means to be inducted. The Hall Of Fame is being linked to from a couple of online magazines and being talked about at various PD sessions arround the world. Getting inducted means global recognition of student's work.
The dilemma I've had is that it's becoming harder and harder to determine which posts really belong in the Hall Of Fame. In the past, classes haven't reached this level of excellence this early in the semester. I'm also feeling that students should take more responsibility for evaluating each other's work.
The solution we came up with, in my classes anyway, is that induction into the Hall Of Fame must be the result of accumulating a number of votes. We also discussed who is allowed to vote? Just students in our class or anyone in the world? What about teachers? Do their votes count? The answers to these questions are: Anyone can vote, teachers or students, from anywhere in the world. However one class said that the post must recieve a majority of student votes -- i.e. teachers can vote but teacher votes alone are not enough to get inducted into the Hall Of Fame.
I discussed this individually with each class and each of them came up with slightly different parameters for induction into the Hall Of Fame. To be inducted a post needs:

The class discussion was really interesting. I only thought to turn on Audacity for the last discussion which was with my AP Calculus class. You can listen to it here ... at least you'll WILL be able to listen to it once I get posted ... it's a long weekend in Canada (Thanksgiving) and I forgot to bring the audio file home! ;-)

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