Interviewed by Student Teacher

10/04/2006 10:52:00 pm

Jon Klassen is a student teacher at my school. He interviewed me as part of an assignment for his curriculum and instruction class. This podcast was recorded in my classroom at the end of the school day on October 4, 2006. You can tell from the announcements made over the PA system and the sound of slamming lockers as the students are leaving the building. ;-)

Interviewed by Jon Klassen (9.7 Mb, 20 minutes, 6 seconds)

These are the questions Jon asked in the interview ...

Is vocabulary important in mathematics? How do you teach it?

What are your thoughts about technology and calculators being used in the math classroom?

Are there any particular benefits or drawbacks to using graphing calculators?

How do you teach them to "read" the calculator?

How do students learn concepts, particularly math concepts, best?

How do you relate the study of mathematics to student's lives?

What do you do for students who are struggling to understand mathematics?

How do you evaluate your students?

I don't do many podcasts where I talk explicitly about the teaching of mathematics ... the time just flew! Feel free to add to the discussion by leaving your comments below. If you prefer, you can leave me an audio comment. ;-)

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