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10/14/2005 01:46:00 am

It's been quiet here for the last little while because I've been working on a Rip, Mix, Learn presentation I'm giving to math teachers here in Manitoba next Friday, October 21. I've tried to make the presentation easily naviagable and mostly self-explanatory for those teachers that wish to take a non-linear approach to learning the material at their own pace. For those that wish to follow a guided tour I've tried to make it as interactive as possible by including lots of play time.

I'll be touching on four main web 2.0 technologies -- blogs, RSS, social bookmarking and flickr. At the end we take a look at the future and discuss the role technology can play in education. In the section on blogs I'm trying to give the the experience my students have when they first sign up as contributors to our group blogs. I've got a number of email accounts to give them and I've already sent invitations to our blogging playground. They'll sign up, respond to a Blogging Prompt, and write their first blog.

Here is the Rip, Mix, Learn workshop.

Here is the Rip, Mix, Learn Playground. The participants can only find the playground by picking up the email I've sent them.

For those of you that like treasure hunts I've included a few "easter eggs" in the workshop. These are invisable links to illustrative sites I'll be refering to. Can you find them all? I'll let you know by Friday how many there are. ;-)

You'll notice that I'm trying to squeeze a lot into about a 2 hour presentation.

The comments will be closed until the day of the workshop, Friday, October 21; but I'd love to get some feedback from you in the comments to this post. I've got a week to make any improvements. Any suggestions? ;-)

Update: read more here.

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  1. This looks like quite a SAG presentation. I'm sorry I wont be able to make it.

  2. Nice breadth and depth... it would be nicer (ahem) to provide a bit more attribution:

  3. I wasn't trying to "steal your thunder" Alan. ;-) How's this?

  4. Now I sound/feel like a raving ego-maniac and it *is* about borring and replaying--- yes that is a very generous attribution.

    The point is to see the idea spread, and that is happening, a Good Thing. Carry on, keep Ripping, Mixing, etc.

    I'll duck back into the doghouse now.