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5/20/2005 01:14:00 pm

I just finished reading a fairly new blog; Outside [The Cave]. It's fantastic.

Steve is a teacher in Virginia. He's managed to roll a personal reflective/professional growth blog into his classroom blog. The thinking he's sharing with his class (grade 9, many of them are 14 years old) is providing them with excellent modeling of what blogging should look like a la Will Richardson. The impact he's having on them comes across loud and clear in the comments they make to his posts. And the depth of thought they contribute to developing the assessment criteria for their end of year final project is inspiring. This is what blogging should be: a community of learners reflecting on their learning, building authentic assessments of that learning together and growing in the process.

Clarence over at Remote Access a little while back posted about collecting a list of reflective teacher bloggers. I was honoured to be included in his list. I think the educational blogs fall into three, occasionally overlapping, categories:

  • »stories, sometimes rants, of things that happen in school with kids or staff, or
  • »sharing perspectives and information on the latest news in education, or
  • »reflective blogs about teaching and learning.

I'm most interested in that third type of blog. So, taking the lead from Clarence, I've decided to start keeping a links list of those blogs that strike me as most falling into that last category. (I'm still slowly working my way through Clarence's list.) I like lots of different blogs. I read over 70 feeds on a regular basis. I've noticed lots of folks generating long lists of bloggers that they like. But I think over time those lists get awfully long and unwieldy. So, all the stuff I read can be found one click away in my blogroll, but the stuff that moves me the most is in the list of Reflective Edubloggers over there in the column on the right.

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  1. I found your blog through Bud's experiment; what a surprise to see I was on your blogroll. I enjoyed what I've read so far and will certainly add you to my blogroll.

  2. Anonymous24/5/05 17:16

    Since it is soo awesome you may want to add Steve's Blog(Outside) to your links column