Random Acts of Kindness

5/11/2005 04:29:00 pm

Bud The Teacher is doing some incredible work with his students in his blogging class, Bud's Blog Experiment. The level of reflection and maturity evinced in their posts is awe inspiring. It just goes to show what kids are capable of when their learning is facilitated by a great teacher who encourages them to take ownership of their education.

Nancy McKeand over at Random Thoughts writes:

Tyr and most of Bud's students get it. I know that Bud has worked hard to make that happen. You have to wonder what would happen if all teachers could educate their students about blogging. I think we would see some pretty incredible thinking and writing.

Anne Davies at EduBlog Insights picks up the thread of Nancy's thoughts and follows it up with a great idea.

I say Amen! I posted "All the Voices Need to Be Heard" a little while back. It was about Tyr and Moe's posts and my students reactions to the discussions. I love having all these student voices in the mix. I think that is crucial but maybe we all need to focus on commenting, in particular on our various student blogs and having our students commenting on other student blogs or our blogs. This is happening but maybe we could step it up.

I think if more of us joined the conversations on blogs with students we could really show the power of blogging. That kind of data could do more to promote blogging than anything else. Nancy has commented to my students' blogs from The Write Weblog group. She makes a difference. I think this aspect of blogging is one that we all need to think more about and make a priority. I know it takes time. I try to do it but need to do much more. I wrote to the students on the "A Look at Bullying" blog. I was astounded at their answers. Sometimes I get carried away and think that I have to comment to all the students, not just one (in a group) so I am going to rethink that and try to make one comment a day to a student who is blogging. It can be one of mine or one of another bloggers' students. One a day..... I like it. So think about it, how about committing to one comment a day to a blogging student? Let's make a difference.

That bullying blog is probably one of my all time favourite educational blogs!

Imagine all of us to working together to educate and encourage all of our students collaboratively. Think of the power available to us through blogging to really make a difference in a different child's life each day. Randomly leave a student blogger a comment each day.

I always end my classes by telling my students to: "go out there and commit random acts of kindness!" That's good advice for me too .... gotta go ....

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