A del.icio.us idea ... (reprise)

3/25/2006 10:01:00 am

I started having my students sign up for del.icio.us accounts last semester. I also installed something I call a del.icio.us box on all the class blogs.

We discussed it in all my classes on Thursday. I did a little demo in class. Using a projector I guided one of the students through the process of signing up for an account, installing a browser button and saving a link in del.icio.us. It took about 15 minutes to explain the idea and do the demo.

We began our spring break today, we go back to school on April 3. All my classes have a del.icio.us assignment for the break. They must sign up for del.icio.us accounts and then save at least one link for each unit we have studied, tagged appropriately, for the course they are taking: Pre-Cal 40S (pc40s), Applied Math 40S (am40s) and Calculus 45S (cal45s). They've been instructed to choose links carefully, not randomly. This way for each link one person finds they can get over 20 others that have been just as thoughtfully selected.

I've posted about it to all the class blogs.

Now I'm going to post about it to The Mentorship Project and encourage the mentors to use this as an additional means of communication in the commentary they include with each saved link. ;-)

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