What's in a name?

3/31/2006 10:00:00 am

As I participate in more and more podcasts and even occassionally get talked about in other's podcasts I hear people struggling with how to pronounce my name. I'm not really upset about it, and please feel free to call me Darren. Only my students call my Mr. Kuropatwa and they usually shorten it to simply "sir" or "Mr. K." No one has yet gone so far as to mispronounce it, as it has been in the past: Kur-patch-nik, Kerch-a-patch-a-kor-ic, Kur-awp-twa, Kleopatra, kuerchapotakupatwhatchmacallit. So, as a public service announcement, here's how to pronounce "Kuropatwa." ;-)

Kur-o-pat-wa has 4 syllables.

Spelled phonetically its:
cur (like the first syllable in "curtain")
oh (as in "Oh my gosh!")
pat (like the diminutive form of "Patrick" or "Patricia")
wa (as in the first half of the word "what")

Here is the Odeo audio

... and here it is as an mp3 file:

For the record, the name is of Polish origin. In Polish the "w" would have a "v" sound. I don't speak Polish. In English "Kuropatwa" means Partridge so you might say we're the Partridge Family. Unfortunately (or fortunately) none of us were ever on that show. ;-) And finally, if you're interested in an English/Polish translation tool, you can find one here.


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