#dda27 Book Spine Alchemy Spell

1/27/2017 11:59:00 pm

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Back to blogging ...
Back to making stuff again ...
Back to sharing ...
If you want to follow me this is what I look like from behind ...

#12kindacts Today I built someone up "behind their back". They'll never know.

Jumping through the Labyrinth of Networked Narratives fearlessly lead by my buddy and lifelong friend Alan Levine aka @cogdog. Naturally, I'm beginning with Day 27 of the Daily Digital Alchemy ...

#dda27 Book Spine Alchemy Spell
In a variation of book spine poetry, see what kind of magic spells you can cast by stacking books and taking a photo of their spines.

And it changed me ... 
These books have changed my thinking in profound ways, or, riffing off an old Van Morrison tune, "And they changed me to my soul ..."

And it changed me ... #netnarr #dda27

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  1. Thanks for sharing those books. I would love to get my hands on hold on to your kids.

    1. I have heard both authors speak and Hold On to Your Kids is a keeper. Even if you don't have kids but work in education, this book has many insights. It sure made me more sympathetic to some of my students who "follow their own beat". FWIW, Mate's When the Body Says No, is also great for those of us trying to manage our stress. Which is basically every teacher I know, haha!