How would you plan a reunion?

1/01/2012 01:29:00 am

How would you plan a reunion with a bunch of people you're terribly fond of, many of whom you've never met face-to-face, who you touch base with only occasionally and live in places scattered across the globe?

A few years back I lead a group of about 120 teachers in a year long immersive professional development experience around leveraging modern technologies to foster deep student learning. This was for Will & Sheryl's Powerful Learning Practice in their 2nd year of operation.

We did some cool stuff together. Stuff like this game of Presentation Tennis:

That grew grew out of a Digital Field Trip we did into Flickr. Here's the group where we shared our pictures:

Flickr was a great introduction to all sorts of ideas: social networking, learning through play, tagging, visual thinking, rss, collaborative learning, portable content, and more. Most importantly it was a way for us to connect personally. We saw where and how we lived and worked. We saw summer while some of were in the middle of winter. We saw little glimpses of each other's lives while we learned and played together. Bonds began to form.

Cary was looking through our photo pool when she tweeted:

So was born this little online reunion. We'll try to share a photo-a-day for as long as we can make it. If it goes all year great. If not that's good too. No rules. If you miss a day no problem; just pick it up again the next day.

We'll share our pics in our old flickr group and if you weren't part of the original group feel free to jump in nonetheless. Let's all tag our pictures: "intplpreunion12". They'll aggregate below ...

I plan to also add my pics to the 2012/366photos group.

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  1. Darren, what a fun way to remember all the shifts we made that year. I got a new lens for my camera, so I'm eager to get started. Thanks for beginning this "again" for us!! Happy New Year:)

  2. I'm so in! There are so many fond memories of that year and I'm looking forward to reconnecting in this way. I'm hoping to do a project like this with my teachers so they may be joining us soon. Darren, you are a gem!

  3. I'm excited to do this again. It's great to look back at our pics from a few years ago and see how our photography has improved and how our lives have changed. Happy New Year!