What I've Been Up To ...

1/24/2011 10:07:00 pm

So the blog's been pretty quiet, I haven't blogged much since the summer. I've been sharing stuff in a number of my other online spaces and I figured it was time for an update so here's what I've been up to ...

All the workshops I did last year in my day job are housed on my Sr. Years ICT wiki.

This year I'm doing a similar job in the French sector. My new wiki is called Litteratie avec les TIC. It has some content in both languages.

My Slidespace is where I share almost all my presentations; all of them that aren't housed on wikis.

I've made a few of them into "slidecasts" (slideshow+podcast) three of which are below:

I've Got 5 Minutes

View more webinars from Darren Kuropatwa.

 Teaching Interdependance v3
View more webinars from Darren Kuropatwa.

I've been slowly growing my YouTube channel. It has some instructional screencasts and a couple of presentations including my Keynote for the 2010 K12 Online Conference cut up into three bite sized parts:

5 Minutes To Make A Difference - about 5 min

Teaching (a pedagogical framework) - about 8 min

The full uninterrupted Keynote for the 2010 K12 Online Conference, called interSections, is available on my blip.tv channel - about 25 min

I've been sharing lots of stuff via my flickr account; I'm trying to keep up with taking at least one photo a day and cross posting them to my photo blog. As I read interesting things I've been trying to get better at designing visual learning objects by mashing up interesting images with interesting quotes. I've been sharing them in the Great Quotes About Learning and Change photo pool and in two photo sets, one in English and the other en français. (I've got some catching up to do with my French flickr set.) Everything is licensed under Creative Commons so feel free to reuse them in any way you like.

Some of my workshops housed on wikis are:

SMARTen Up! (how to use an IWB effectively in the classroom)

All Things Audio (hands-on educational podcasting workshop with my buddies John Evans and Rob Fisher.) It's also available in French as Toutes choses audio (I flew solo on this one. John and I are planning to make it available in Spanish and German at the upcoming B.Y.T.E. Conference at the end of February.)

Gettin' Googley (an introduction to select Google Tools in education)

I also have a presentations wiki for other workshops I've done but it really needs some cleaning up. If you don't mind the mess you can poke around.

And finally, here are some of the varied spaces you can connect with me online.

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  1. your videos are really good! I am really impressed you had five minutes to make the one!

  2. good imput with videos I am really impressed

  3. Anonymous4/4/11 19:44

    I really enjoyed your video, "5-minutes to make a difference."
    Allowing the students to teach the lesson really gets the students to take charge of their learning and get excited about the lesson.

    Thank you,

  4. I loved your video about five minutes to make a difference. I am new to incorporating technology into the classroom and always thought of it as a "scarey thing." I have the same opinion as you, that when students can teach other students how to do something, that is when they truely understand what they have learned. I had read about your calculus blog in an article for my graduate course and thought the idea was amazing. I had been apprehensive about how to use technology in math and saw it as more of an English or History type of activity, yet your idea for the calculus guide and having the students solve problem on wikis is great! Do you have any advice for someone just starting to incorporate technology in the classroom?

  5. Hi Colleen. Thanks for dropping by. ;-) What article did you read about my blog in? (Call it professional curiosity. ;-))

    My advice would be to start with something you feel is manageable or that excites you. See how how it goes and try to do it a bit better when you reiterate it. It's hard to hit a home run the first time you swing the bat. Your aim improves each time you try. After you're comfortable with whatever you started off with try something new and grow a little bit each time.

    Does that make sense?

  6. Yes, that makes perfect sense. What did you start with in your math class to incorporate? I teach integrated math to freshmen. It is a mix of Algebra and Geometry. Have you found more success with the Blogs or Wikis?

    Thank you so much for responding so quickly. I read about your blog in November, A. (2008). Web literacy for educators. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

    Thank you so much again for your help!

  7. I use blogs and wikis for different things. I started with blogs myself. Mostly as just a way to share resources with my students as we approached the end of semester.

    My first class blog started in Jan 2005. The course ended in the 3rd week of that month. There we only a handful of posts and I deleted them all and started fresh the next semester with the same blog. I can;t tell you how much I regret deleting those first few posts now. I never delete stuff anymore.

    Anyway, if you're interested poking around my first (really my second, but it was the first full semester length class blog I had) is still online here:

    Pre-Cal 40S

  8. Hello Again,

    For my master's class we were asked to incorporate a virtual field trip into our class. I am having trouble finding one. Have you ever done one in your class? I am currently between the geometry and probability units. Thanks!


  9. Hi Colleen,

    You might try a riff on my flickr assignment to create a virtual math field trip with your students.

    Maybe have each of them create their own trips or they might work together in groups of 3 to create and then test drive each others' field trips. You could also incorporate QR codes into the project in an interesting way.

    Whatever you do let me know how it turns out ... I think this idea has legs. ;-)

  10. @dkuropatwa, thanks, I needed it too.