Seeing Differently or 31 Days in October

9/30/2009 10:45:00 pm

It seems I've been talking about flickr a lot lately. Mostly in the course of discussing pedagogy and Brain Rule #10 in the context of my flickr assignment. One of the points I often bring up is the experiment I did with myself, inspired by folks who, like D'Arcy, are taking a photo a day. Every day. All year.

I just don't have that kind of stamina. I've twice in the past managed to sustain it for about a month; 31 Days. Every time the experience has changed the way I see the world around me. I notice things I've missed even though I walk past them every day; like that little tree ... I never noticed it until I started taking a picture a day for the 31 days of March, 2008.

This is what happened in October of last year when I did this again with a larger group of teachers from around the world:

Anyway, I'm starting this up again and you're invited along for the ride. I've already heard from a couple of Manitoba educators who are interested in doing this and some folks from MICDS in St. Louis might join in the fun too; they might even have a few students join us ... I really like that idea.

I'm going to tag all my photos 31DaysOct09. Feel free to use the same tag. Tagging all your photos allows you to create nifty little slideshows of them like the one I have above. Even if you use the same tag as me you can pull out just your photos if you want to create your own slideshow.

If you'd like to join, with or without your students, you can sign up for the flickr group I started. We're starting tomorrow, October 1st. If you start late, that's OK too. There are no rules. We're just going to have fun ... and maybe start seeing things differently together.

Photo Credit: Snow Came Back This Morning by flickr user dkuropatwa

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  1. Been wanting to do something like this, but always forget to join at the beginning!

  2. Glad to have you aboard Steve!

    31 Days is a bite size I can handle. ;-)

  3. I would love to do this with my advanced students, do you mind if we join?

  4. Hi Jennifer,

    Please do. It would be wonderful to have your students join in!

    I've already started taking shots today. Not sure yet which one I'll post yet. ;-)

  5. Cool! Just relax, and have fun with it. It's not supposed to be a chore ("oh, man! I have to take a photo today!") but just part of what you do. The single most important tip I can give is to always (ALWAYS) have a camera handy. Doesn't have to be a great one - I have my iPhone with me all the time, and my XT is often with me.

  6. Hi Darren!
    Count me in. Photos from BU!I may try to get some students involved too!

  7. I'm in- our first (last year) was the beginning of an exciting journey for me so I'm so glad you are doing it again!