CJOB Interview: Shout Out to My Tweeps

1/01/2009 01:00:00 pm

Sometime in October I went for coffee with a local radio station host, Richard Cloutier from CJOB. That conversation lead to Richard observing me teach a couple of times in the following months and finally to an on air interview scheduled for tomorrow, 2 January 2009, 9am to 11am central. This is the 30 second promo spot they've been running on the radio for the last little while:

We'll be talking about education in the 21st Century, numeracy, the impact of rapid technological change on teaching and learning, and the K12 Online Conference. Dean Shareski, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, and Wesley Fryer, my fellow conveners and colleagues, will all be joining the conversation for part of the show and I hope you will too.

The show will be streamed live over the internet (click on the grey Listen Live button in the top centre of the page). We'll tweet out to our twitter networks that we're on so you can listen and join in the conversation in an open Chatterous space I made special for the event. The local listening audience will be invited to participate in the chat which Richard and I will be monitoring from the studio. I'm hoping that you all act as "chat captains" keeping the conversation grounded, pushing it into good places, fostering deep conversation, and engaging and helping the local listeners as needed. This may be a new experience for many of them. Hopefully a lot of listeners will also be parents. I'm looking forward to an engaging two hours and appreciate whatever time you can spare.

If you're planning to join us ...

Check the time for where you live.

Listen here.

Join the live chat.

Hope to see you in the chatterous room!

Photo Credits: A good coffee ... / Un buen café ... by flickr user victor nuno
Introducing Blue Microphones' Snowflake by flickr user inju

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  1. @ Darren,
    I've got in on my schedule and I'm looking forward to hearing the show. You do great work!


  2. Glad to have you join in Charlie!


  3. Thanks for the great morning of Talk Radio.

    Quite enjoyed the whole 2 hours.

    Hope lots of other people, other than teachers, gave it a good listen.

  4. Thanks for inviting us! A great session and really good to hear that the host appears to really get 'it'!

    I've posted some of my thoughts on my blog: http://tinyurl.com/8ebe5s


  5. Thanks for joining us fellas! (Long time no speak Terry! Good to hear from you.) We couldn't get to the chatterous page from within the studio. I knew there were folks in there but felt disconnected not being able to participate or monitor the live chat. I came home and found over 1000 comments!

    Neil, I spent some time digging around your blog ... you have a new subscriber. I could do no less for the only person in the chat who understood what I meant when I said I was "chuffed" without explanation. ;-)


  6. GREAT job in this interview, Darren! I recorded almost the entire show and posted it as a podcast, minus the news and advertisements it is 1 hour, 40 min long. I really hope I can help foster these types of conversations here in Oklahoma in our mainstream press as you did today, in the upcoming year. You've inspired me again!

  7. Hey Wes, That's great! I've published a copy here too. Thank YOU for making time in your day to spend three hours with us this morning. You know, every time we get together good things happen. We should spend even more time together. ;-)