5 Things

1/28/2007 12:21:00 pm

This post was originally to be published on January 4, which still would have had me late to the party. Just had the last two photos I wanted done tonight. I'll try to be quicker with the newest meme about how I write blog posts. ;-)

Vicki tagged me a while back and I've been thinking about what I would like to share. Since then I've also been tagged by John, Terry, CLykowski, Susan Ens Funk and Dan Meyer ... yikes! OK, ok, ok, here they are ... five things you wouldn't know about me from reading my blog ... before this post anyway. ;-)

(1) We had the first really big snowfall of the winter on December 30. We have a driveway on the other side of the fence you see in the "BACK" pictures. I really hate shoveling ...

(2) My oldest daughter calls me a giant blueberry whenever I wear that winter jacket. ;-)

(3) I play guitar when I can find the time; which isn't very often since having kids. ;-)

I'm playing a D chord in this picture ... because my name starts with D. ;-)

(4) A number of years ago I decided I wanted to learn a wind instrument. I've toyed with learning harp (harmonica) a la Bob Dylan. I bought two harps to start, a C harp and a G harp, but never really followed up on it. Then I decided to pick up the recorder so I bought this nice wooden soprano recorder. A couple of times each year I torture my family as I try to teach myself how to play using two excellent methods books I bought with the recorder. I've almost worked my way through the first one.

I'm playing a D note in this picture too. ;-)

(5) I'm not from Winnipeg, my wife is. I was born and raised in Montréal. I miss the city. It's beautiful; night and day.

That circular building in the middle is the faculty of medicine building on the McGill University campus; my old alma mater. I hold degrees in philosophy and education with a specialization in mathematics and moral education (in all of Canada I think Québec is the only province where you can get a specialization in moral education at the secondary level). The building in the middle, off towards the left, that has a triangular lighted roof is known as the Batman Building amongst Montrealers. If you're ever in downtown Montréal at night you'll know why. ;-)

Like John Pederson, I'm going to end the meme here and not tag anyone else, unless you want to be tagged, in which case ... TAG! You're it! ;-)

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