9/22/2006 11:59:00 am

This is a writely (recently acquired by Google) document. I created it back in March when we were working on last year's Coin Hunt. It's a list of clues (and some of their answers) that we used in the Coin Hunt.

My AP class is working on their second "Publish It!" assignment. I've suggested they use http://writley.com or http://thinkfree.com to collaborate and then use the "publish to blog" feature. I'm just testing it out myself. ;-)

class of 2004 - class of 1997

To how many decimal places does Kate Bush celebrate with us?

A triangle puzzle:
find the next line in the triangle then add up all the numbers in that line. (10)

The three digit number under the infinity symbol

Four years ago, Our Day was featured in "the everyday happenings of weebl and sometimes weebl's friend bob." How many π's are there? (http://www.weebl.jolt.co.uk/pie.htm) (16)

In what year were the first 100 digits of π first calculated? (1701 by Machin)

Which number is missing in the first 30 digits of pi's decimal expansion? (0)

Yasumasa Kanada at the University of Tokyo, in 1995, calculated π to how many decimal places (to the nearest billion)? (1241) - How long did it take him to do the calculation? (116 hours) = ?(1125)

Johann Heinrich Lambert (1728-1777) was the first to prove that the number π is an irrational number. In what year did he do this? (1768)

In 1897 the State House of Representatives of Indiana unanimously passed a bill setting pi equal to what value? (16/(sq.rt.3)) Were they right? (no)

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  1. Great link for the thinkfree. This is exactly what I have been looking for to use in my English classes. Thanks a lot, Darren!