Echo Chamber?

6/30/2006 12:49:00 pm

When kids say stuff like this, almost three weeks after their last class, do you really think sharing it is being in an "echo chamber?"

thank-you for using my scribe post as an exemplar. I'm not sure where i will take this but the idea of blogging has given me an idea to maybe make a blog with friends. the blogging we actually did in math class actually helped. As you can see we have scribe posts for ever school day that we had math class. The blog, to me replaces notes, but your inclass notes are still important. The blog is like an assurance that every student understands concepts and and has fun understanding it =). At first bloggin was not fun and most thought that it would take time away from homework or after school life. about half way through the semester every1 had fun with the blog and spent more time to beat past emperors. well thats all i can say for the moment. thank you to all teachers for looking at the blogging concept. Maybe in the future the way students learn will improve through all this technology. lol, i wouldnt be surprised when im older i see children and maybe my own blogging, what they learned at school. =)

Mark C

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  1. It is what the students say that truly makes A difference to me. It is not about what I like or what I think, but what they truly think and feel. They are emotional beings and if they emotionally are tied to a practice, this enjoyment transfers to the subject we are teaching. WE simply must harness the love students have for this technology in the hopes that it will transfer to the subjects we teach.

    My students feel this way about wikis in particular and I hope after next year, we will begin doing better with blogs as we use the scribe techniques you have outlined.

    This is excellent and a testament to your ability as a visionary teacher. You should be recognized and rewarded for your teaching practices.

  2. Anonymous6/7/06 23:37

    There's no higher praise than that from another teacher. Thanks Vicki. ;-)