A Call For Help ...

4/05/2006 10:31:00 am

Mr. McNamar over at The Daily Grind has put out a call for help to the blogging community. He wants to help a remarkable young man. He writes:

It's the first Saturday of my spring break and I'm sitting in Starbucks grading essays. Now, don't feel bad for me, I bring it upon myself. But, for what often ends up depressing, the most recent batch of essays provided me with great satisfaction. And now, I need the help of the blogging community.

I read an essay, the likes of which I have never read in a Pre-College class. This essay has a future, should it find its way into the right hands. It is an essay that, when I finished reading, I felt like I had just finished reading an essay in a respected magazine or anthology. I once had a professor tell me a sermon I wrote for a Homiletics class could be published, but he never helped me. I want to help this kid. If you know of a way to get work published, please let me know. Here are some excerpts:

Black community--grammatical error, or bad combination of words?

Imagine taking a one thousand piece jigsaw puzzle nearing its completion, and wiping it clear off the table, sending the pieces scattering--in other words, imagine the Black community. A group of people who once shared, participated, and had fellowship, now kill the members of their own community at extreme rates--the Black community is imploding. Once a group that would fight against all odds, they now will fight anyone who doesn't wear their colors. During the Slavery Era, these traits could breathe, create beautiful music, and throw a knockout punch; it acted as a true community.

The Civil Rights Era, most prominent in the 60's, sprouted the best Black leaders to ever walk this earth. This era shot out Black talent faster than a Muhammad Ali jab. Black kids had people they could idolize, better yet, aspire to. From the darkest corners of Ralph Ellison's mind, to the untarnished prowess of Rosa' Parks and Martin Luther King Jr., this will never be an era forgotten by Blacks--or so I hoped.

You'll find more excerpts from LesMO's essay here. If you know how to help him get his work published contact Mr. McNamar through his blog.

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  1. Darren,
    I have a girl of similar talent, though she is only in the sixth grade.

    Anyway, thanks for the words of encouragement over at my blog. You seem to be making a name for yourself and I'm honored that you read my blog.


  2. Anonymous6/4/06 12:53

    That young lady is lucky to have you as a teacher Jamie. ;-)