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9/02/2005 02:00:00 pm

Here it is, the long promised second podcast Bud and I did. It was recorded on May 24, 2005. We're crossposting here and there. Go get 2 cups of coffee or tea and sit down for while; we go on for about 40 minutes this time. ;-)

Like last time, I'd suggest leaving this window in front of the one that will open for the mp3 file you're about to hear. That way you can follow along with the links below which are arranged in the order they were discussed. We had lots more questions than answers this time around; we'd love to hear what questions or answers you've got to share. Either way, let one of us know your thoughts, questions, concerns, comments, complaints, compliments, confusions, anxieties or any good jokes. ;-)

The Wiki Pod

Show Notes: The Wiki Pod


Wiki Confluence and a Brilliant Blog Concept

Pre-Cal 40S Wiki Notebook

Brian Lamb, Learning Objects, Wikis, Flickr, RSS-- They Wanted it All (No Fooling) (Alan's Post)

Wide Open Spaces: Wikis, Ready or Not (Brian's Article at Educause)

Bud's Blogging Experiment Wiki

Elle's Experimental Expedition

Student Blogging Rules

Student Dude Blog

Student Blogging Questions

Blogging Prompts

Meta Wiki

The Teachers' Lounge Wiki

Rob's Blog

Google Search for choose your own adventure

Is Blogging a Habit? Should It Be?

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Thanks for listening.....

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