New Math Blog

4/14/2005 11:53:00 am

There's a new math blog! It's called "Shapes, Patterns, and Proofs - Oh, my!" A geometry teacher, Mr. Fort, down in Georgia. He's got a blog set up for each student in the class. Here are his instructions for the students taken from his First post:

My idea is for you to post at least two blogs each week for the rest of this year. One blog must be a reflection and the other blog will be a response to a blogging prompt.

From reading his student's blogs (accessible from his) he seems to have them repond to prompts he gives them in class.

Along with Mr. Kaminsky's GCHS Math Blog this makes three math blogs that I know of. The word is spreading .... if anyone comes across more of these please let me know; I'm always looking for more good ideas to help my students learn. With three of us blogging now I hope to see a growing community of math bloggers and maybe even math wikis. Research supports the idea that collaboration enhances learning. Let's all collaborate. ;-)

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  1. Check out the Future of Math blog at and add it to your blogroll. Your's is already on mine! By the way, thanks for the info. over on the flickr site. I've already found a few more blogs to check out.

    Jamie Tubbs