Saturday, July 28, 2007

BLC: What Can I Do Now That I Couldn't Do Before?


This was the second of the three presentations I gave at the Building Learning Communities conference. I thought it was the one that went over best and I don't think it was podcast or chatcast.

What I was trying to do here was show two tools, flickr and wikis. I discussed how I think about using them in a pedagogical context and how the same approach can be used to think about using any new tool.

I was up until 3am the night before preping the presentation. What was really cool was an email I received from the folks at Slideshare to tell me this slideshow was featured on their site ... 13 hours after it was uploaded; 179 views at the time. It's up to 797 as I write this.

One of the things I've written about often here is the practice I try to instill in my students of "Watch it. Do it. Teach it." The good folks at pbwiki gave me three wikis, worth $250 each, to give away. (They said I could keep one for myself but I decided to give them all away.) Slide #50 shows how I'm giving them away. I ended this presentation by saying to the teachers in the room: "You watched it. Now you'll do it. (The best three will get the wikis.) But then take it with you back to your kids and teach it."

I still have a wiki to give away so if you were in my session you can still wiki a wiki. Please email me with your flickr picture and wiki urls when you're done. The two winners of the Gold Level wikis are:

Dennis Richards and Claudia Estrada.


The audio content (my student's voices) isn't here but almost all the images are also links.

The Missing Links
Slide #39:,,

Update August 4, 2007
The winner of the final wiki-give-away is Debbie Bates. Congratulations Debbie!!


Barbara said...
2/8/07 10:28  

I was so pleased to see this posted today. It was the one I missed. I am soooo sorry there is no podcast! Maybe someone will come to the rescue!
The topic is really an important one because without and answer to this question it is difficult to move forward.

Canadian mom said...
2/8/07 14:02  

This is a great example of how technology can (and should) be used in the classroom. I believe many people are missing a great learning opportunity by being unwilling to accept the need to incorporate technology in their teaching. I see the traditional teacher/learner paradigm shifting to a mentor/mentored approach.

Keep up the great work you do that inspires the rest of us.

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