Tuesday, July 24, 2007

BLC: Learning the Guitar


This was the first of the three presentations I gave at the Building Learning Communities conference. If you look at slides 5 and 6 you'll get a sense of what I was trying to do with TwitterCamp and chatcasting. There are a couple of links that aren't functional in the slideshare version embeded here. I've added them at the end of this post.

Bob Sprankle (may we break bread again together soon) podcasted the presentation and Joyce, Barbara and Jeff chatcasted it. The chatcast is below but I also pasted it into a wiki David has made for all the chatcasts of the conference. Get in there and continue the conversation. There were a few points I didn't get across clearly so I plan to add my editorial comments on the BLC chatcast wiki (when David builds it).

I was pleased with the way this presentation went but we started late. We wrestled with a few technical hurdles and so rushed through the end. My closing comments would have come across better if we had watched the 5 Minute University video (linked below). I also didn't get a chance to talk about how personally I take it when other teachers do and don't use technology to amplify their student's learning. My oldest daughter started grade 1 this year. She'll graduate high school in 2020. My youngest daughter will graduate in 2026 and my son in 2016. That context is paramount for me when I watch Karl Fisch's video Did You Know? (Watch the UK remix linked below if you haven't seen it yet. Version 2.0 is good but the music isn't as viscerally affective as it is in version 1.0.)

Here's the stuff. Let me know what you think; here or on David's wiki (when it's up).

Audio (60 min 24 sec, 41.5 Mb) (with thanks to Bob)

Direct link to slideshow.

[7:54:19 AM] Barbara says: Darren is saying numbers do not matter....talks about peer teaching...asked what the optimal size is ..he says 18 to 20
    Editor's note: On further thought I think about 20-25 is closer to the ideal size.

[7:55:27 AM] Barbara says: Using feed windows to open up walls

[7:56:09 AM] Barbara says: Scribe posts are in de.licio.us ...forms text book...use unique course tag
    Editor's note: Actually scribe posts are on the class blog; del.icio.us is used to create the "footnotes" for the textbook the students are authouring.

[7:57:06 AM] Barbara says: Also has link Find out and learn how to do this yourself

[7:58:52 AM] Barbara says: Smart boards are not erased just use a new page so all pages are saved and uploaded to blog and have access to everything that happened in class

[7:59:33 AM] Barbara says: Ditto podcasts

[8:02:00 AM] Barbara says: New tools = new pedagogy

[8:02:52 AM] Barbara says: Links, tags RSS will have the biggest impact...everything can be brought together no matter where one is located.

[8:03:31 AM] Barbara says: Homeworking casting using RSS pushes out homework to the students
    Editor's note: This idea is from Doug Belshaw in the UK.

[8:03:59 AM] Jeff Utecht says: I'm back and thanks for the notes...I like what he's saying.

[8:04:27 AM] Barbara says: welcome back

[8:04:34 AM] Jeff Utecht says: :)

[8:05:00 AM] Barbara says: interested in making what he does reproducable and acalable

[8:05:28 AM] Barbara says: and sustainable

[8:06:02 AM] Barbara says: Bob Technology integrator... called out

[8:07:37 AM] Barbara says: Room 208... and others who are working on being sustainable moving from being an architect to a gardner

[8:07:47 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Like that!

[8:08:57 AM] Jeff Utecht says: How do you learn? http://www.flickr.com/photos/jutecht/846119096/

[8:09:28 AM] Barbara says: Audience does it do away with lectures? Answ. Some classes are group work some are tests some are lecture and next year some will be twitter lectures

[8:09:55 AM] Barbara says: Asking is Flat Classroom replicable?

[8:10:06 AM] Barbara says: Mentioned you jeff as judge

[8:11:29 AM] Barbara says: Now taking about Coming of Age and Scribe posts

[8:12:04 AM] Barbara says: Students on scribe posts...it gets to the point ...what you need and a way to teach other people

[8:12:36 AM] Barbara says: You learn it when you write it...you may spend 2 hours on it but it is worth it

[8:13:19 AM] Barbara says: disclaimer not every kid spends 2 hours

[8:13:24 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Darren is the master of scribe posts!

[8:14:02 AM] Barbara says: I think it is an easy thing to implement but on the other hand i can't get anyone to do it in our community

[8:14:22 AM] Barbara says: Talking about students one upping which makes the posts better and better

[8:15:04 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Barbara can you model it at a staff meeting?

[8:15:27 AM] Barbara says: Good idea....duh

[8:16:00 AM] Barbara says: that will also solve my problem with getting minutes from our meetings

[8:16:09 AM] Jeff Utecht says: exactly!

[8:16:38 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Assign two teachers to take notes...have them both post so you get two different perspectives of what was said?

[8:16:57 AM] Barbara says: Audience Who chooses Hall of Fame?

[8:17:22 AM] Barbara says: Like the two tecahers unless they both think the other one will do it

[8:19:38 AM] Barbara says: Choices first made by Darren and then later by vote

[8:19:59 AM] Barbara says: Discuss with students how many votes get you in

[8:20:43 AM] Jeff Utecht says: That's a cool idea

[8:21:52 AM] Barbara says: each class discusses who can vot ie teachers, students , outside teachers, and how many votes are required. some set the bar really high some allow teachers to vote some say only students

[8:22:26 AM] Barbara says: He emphasizes that the push comes from the students

[8:23:13 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Yep...internal compatition drives us all...that's when you know you're doing real teaching when students push each other and you become a facilitator.

[8:23:21 AM] Barbara says: Times up so finishing up talking about k12 online and coming og age

[8:24:11 AM] Barbara says: Closes with blooms revised taxonomy

[8:24:19 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Cool!

[8:24:58 AM] Barbara says: End with student who says knowing someone is scribing allows you to focus on what is being said not on taking notes

[8:25:09 AM] Barbara says: signing off for a few

[8:28:12 AM] Jeff Utecht says: Thanks Barbara

[8:28:36 AM] Joyce Valenza says: I love Darren's term: twitterpating learning activities.

The Missing Links
Slide 1: Me and my new friend

Slide 4:http://skype.com

Slide 7: video source

Slide 18: Coming of Age

Slide 22: see version 2.0

Slide 23: shifthappens.wikispaces.com, Did You Know? - UK

Slide 24: video source

Slide 29: flickr storm, Love at first sight ...

Update: July 26, 2007
Thanks to a tweet from Chris Craft I learned that Slideshare added a new functionality a few days ago; slidecasting (slideshow + podcast = slidecast). This presentation is now available as a slidecast on slideshare. They've made the tool impressively simple to use. My slides, Bob's audio; an unintended collaboration. I love when serendipity smiles. Thanks again Bob. ;-)


Kern Kelley said...
24/7/07 16:45  

Hi Darren, I've uploaded the podcast of your presentation here.


Thanks for being so gracious with my students as well!

Darren said...
24/7/07 17:12  

Hi Kern,

Thanks! Just listened to the first minute of the podcast. Sounds like the audio from my third presentation, "Developing Expert Voices." If it's OK with you I'd like to link to it when I post about it. -- Working on that post now. ;-)

Kern Kelley said...
24/7/07 20:55  

Oops! You're right, sorry about that. Yeah, link to however you'd like, thanks!

Doug Belshaw said...
25/7/07 04:28  

Thanks for the editor's reference. I do think that RSS has a definite role to play in personalising learning: http://teaching.mrbelshaw.co.uk/index.php/2006/10/25/homework-casting-using-delicious/ :-)

Barbara said...
28/7/07 12:48  

Hi Darren,
I just posted about your presentations..it takes me a while to process :~)! http://tinyurl.com/2d27yh
In reflecting on your pedagogy I saw and incredible example of what David Warlick says.."Stop integrating technology, and instead redefine literacy and integrate that."
It was great to spend time with you in Boston! I look forward to continued conversations this year.

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