Reading Again

4/22/2007 05:01:00 pm

I haven't read much from my Bloglines account in months. The accumulation was overwhelming. I've just downsized from 181 feeds to 20. It wasn't easy ... until I changed my attitude. I asked myself what sources educate me the most? Not "What am I interested in?" My interests are diverse and I tend to immerse myself in them. When I shifted focus to those sources that push my thinking and teach me new things it became easier.

Doing this has inspired me to read my feeds again. I'm eager. It's been a long time since I felt that way ... reading had become a chore. I've also switched from Bloglines (although I'm hanging on to the account ... I'm thinking I'm going to use it to store feeds as references or examples to cite when talking to other teachers about the read/write web) to Google Reader. The tipping point was Alan's latest post about all it's ajax gooodness.

Photo source: untitled.

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