Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pay Attention


Interesting riff off of Karl's presentation from back in August. This one is by Darren Draper from the Jordan School District in Utah.

It's called Pay Attention.


Graham Wegner said...
16/4/07 05:55  

It will take someone with more talent than me, but I'd love to see a remix version that acknowledges a world beyond the United States.

Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach said...
16/4/07 09:07  

That's interesting that you say that Graham because as I was watching- I was thinking man -- New Zealand needs to watch this! They are so positioned to run with the cell phone curriculum. They could pilot it for the world.

Thanks for sharing Darren, I will post about this over on my blog.
Don't forget we (you me and Wes) are talking today 3:45 your time.

dea c-c said...
16/4/07 22:21  

I like your use of the PowerPoint to create questions through the presentation of interesting and powerful facts for mental stimulation rather than for rote memorization. Therein lies multiple powers of technology--. the use of digitization to motivate minds to action.

Mayuko said...
19/4/07 23:00  

I really like Darren Draper's presentation. It's well done, so powerful and amazing to know that a PowerPoint presentation can be so captivating. Of course, the content is really wonderful. I should share this with others. I've added this presentation (and wonderful resource page that comes with it) on my Thanks for sharing.

Darren said...
24/4/07 16:36  

Graham, you're just the man to do it. Or maybe you and Sheryl. ;-)

dea c-c and mayuko, I quite agree; PowerPoint can be used in some really powerful ways. Sites like, and spresent have galleries with lots of powerful presentations. What's really exciting is what kids can do with it. ;-)

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