Sunday, April 30, 2006

Vaestro - Audio Commenting


Thanks to a pointer from Alan Levine I've just signed up for a new (free) service called Vaestro. It's an audio commenting service. If you've got a microphone, built in or plugged in, you can leave me an audio comment. ;-) You'll see this graphic in the side bar:

Leave me an audio comment

Click it then leave me a comment in a pre-exisiting topic or create a new one of your own.

I like to use this blog as a laboratory before introducing new technologies to my classes. Help me out by playing along. Let's see how this works. If it goes over well I'll be adding it to all my classroom blogs.

Hey Alan! How's this for Podcasting on the Cheap? ;-)

UPDATE I've already had two replies to my "welcome" message which is great. I've got one more request though. Please make a point to either speak your name or [login] to Vaestro so that your name (or some other recognizable handle) is attached to your comment. I think the second commenter was Clarence (I think I recognized your voice) but I really don't know who the first person to reply was. Thanks. ;-)


Clarence Fisher said...
30/4/06 20:13  

It wasn't me, I just got here! Very cool though.

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